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Public Relations

Strengthening your agency’s public image and relationship with the community you serve is the heart of our public relations campaign. Some of our key strategies include engaging with the community through active social media campaigns and updating the public on important news and announcements through well-written press releases.

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Effective marketing strategies aim to promote the agency’s roles and services while engaging with the target audience. An integral part of our efforts is conducting audience analysis to understand the community’s expectations and preferences to improve branding, content, and overall services provided.

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Digital Advertising

We work on improving your agency’s reach through Google Display Ads to make you more visible to your target audience. A Visual Visitor Web ID is also implemented to identify audience demographics and tailor specific content and strategies. SEO improvement to generate leads is also critical to your organization’s growth.

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Public Education and Community Outreach

Any government organization must have a reputation for being a credible and trustworthy source of news and information. We work on increasing awareness, educating the public on various topics relevant to your agency, and encouraging community involvement through different channels.

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We create authentic and consistent content that will show your purpose across all platforms. In drafting, we thoroughly communicate with the client and conduct research to ensure all information is accurate and aligned with the agency’s mission and identity.

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Brand Development

Brand development by enhancing current brand logos, headers, themes, and color palettes is essential to emphasizing brand identity. We also create templates and graphics with the organization’s preferred themes and colors for future content releases. If the agency wishes to start anew, a rebranding project will be the initial focus.

Why Choose Us?

C2 Communications is equipped to work with government agencies and provide quality deliverables for government-issued tasks and projects. We work closely with our partner organizations to ensure that the output for public consumption embodies the organization’s voice and message. We understand the intricacies of working on government affairs and have the integrity and proper work ethics to provide for your agency.

Branding for Government Projects in Naples FL

Working with the Collier County Clerk & Comptroller Collaboration

Since October 2022, we have collaborated with Clerk Crystal K. Kinzel and her office to enhance the Clerk’s reach and public perception through community education and outreach projects. Our team is at the forefront of publishing the Clerk’s monthly newsletter, “The Clerk’s Report,” which provides relevant County news, events, and community updates and highlights the vital role and services offered by the Clerk. We also execute effective public relations initiatives, including press release distributions, media coverage, radio interviews, and article submissions to other publications, to amplify her voice as a dedicated public servant.

Working with the Collier County Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Collaboration

We provide the Collier County Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Division with digital advertising services, including Google Display Ads, creative designs, and content messaging. We focus on community education and outreach regarding proper recycling and waste management and their environmental and community impacts. This campaign also aims to increase awareness and encourage Collier County residents to utilize household drop-off centers and hurricane preparedness.

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